New Cheerleading Video Series – Routine Breakdown

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new video series: Routine Breakdown!

Have you ever watched a cute cheerleading or dance routine and thought, “I want to learn that!”?  Now you can!

I take popular videos of cheerleading and dance routines and break them down to teach it to you step by step. I’m posting a new cheer or dance routine breakdown video each week.

Have you seen a cute routine on youtube that you’d like to learn? Send me the link!

I’ll be taking your suggestions for which routines to teach, and doing my best to get to them all. Get in touch with as many links as you’d like 🙂

Check back to my blog for all the public Routine Breakdown videos, and subscribe to the Cheer Huddle to get access to ALL the latest routines delivered to your inbox each week.

Remember, GCITDOYD – CL4L!

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