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[blockquote_left]Cheerleading is something you’re born to do. You CAN be a CheerLEADER for life.[/blockquote_left]

That’s me to the right, though I probably won’t be holding poms when you meet me (then again, I might?!) I am a cheer life-er, after all!

If you’re publishing something about me or just want to hear about me in the third person, here’s my official bio:

Neeley is a 14 year spirit industry veteran and is specialized in sports business & marketing.  She cheered 4 years on the NFL sidelines as an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader, served 2 years as Line Captain, and was Captain for Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, FL.  As a member of the Cardinals Show Team, Neeley traveled to S. Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Mexico and military bases throughout the U.S. in support of our troops and their families.

Neeley’s childhood was spent on the softball field, pitching for 2 national championship teams by the time she was 12 years old.  Neeley turned in her cleats for cheer shoes in junior high school and never looked back, cheering 4 years and earning a national championship with her co-ed high school squad in Northern California. She spent 11 years as a Cheerleading Instructor and Camp Director for the United Spirit Association (USA), and remains involved as a Head Judge for Regional, State and National cheer competitions for UCA, USA, CheerSPORT and international competitions.  After earning her B.A. in Economics from TCU, Neeley coached the TCU Horned Frogs Cheerleaders All-Girl squad and was a Representative for Varsity Brands, Inc. in North Texas for 6 years.

Her passion for sports marketing led her to the MBA program at Arizona State University, where she specialized in Sports Business.  Neeley led marketing and interactive/e-commerce consulting projects for companies such as the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, WNBA’s Sacramento Monarchs, Ticketmaster, Fox Sports and the Chicago Bears.  Her demonstrated leadership ability, creative fan experience and sports marketing knowledge, coupled with her passion for cheerleading and dance makes Neeley one of the sought-after veterans in the cheerleading industry.

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Still reading this? Ok, you want to know the real reason I created CheerleaderHandbook.com? The first time I tried out for cheerleading, I didn’t make the squad. I know, right?!? I created CheerleaderHandbook.com to be the guide I never had. I share all my insider knowledge with you, so you can get where you want to be – faster.

I played softball as a little kid, but I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to try out for my school’s cheerleading squad in 7th grade. I spent all year studying the older cheerleaders’ every move and memorizing cheers while sitting in the stands. I knew I had what it takes and I practiced on my own to perfect my cheerleading moves. When the day of tryouts came, I gave it 110%. I may have made one little bobble, but surely the judges could see my enormous potential, right? When the judges posted the final results on the door, my name was not on the list.  I was crushed. I spent an entire year working hard and I wanted it more than anybody. Why couldn’t the judges see how badly I wanted it? So there I was, stuck waiting a whole year for my next chance to try out. But what I did next made all the difference in my cheer-life. (It even helped me become an NFL cheerleader years later)…Do you know what the secret was?  I didn’t give up.

When the next tryout came around, I knew I had the talent, the skills and the confidence to make the team – and I did. My life has never been the same since. CheerLEADING made me who I am today, and looking back, there was no way to know just how BIG an impact it would make. Cheer brought with it so many great friendships, fun experiences, and achievements. I went on to win USA Nationals in high school, choreograph championship routines, cheer in college, teach cheerleading summer camps, coach a college squad and All-star teams, judge national competitions and became an NFL cheerleader in front of crowds of 100,000 people, on TV, performing for our U.S. troops all over the world, and even at the Super Bowl as Cheer Captain!

I created Cheerleader Handbook to share all the things I wish I knew back then. Cheerleading goes in phases, and there are so many little secrets along the way that no one tells you. These little things make a big difference when you have to make the team, be ready for cheer camps, cheer at games, know how to compete at cheer competitions, how to get into cheerleading in college, compete on all-star teams, learn technical skills like jumps and stunts, and some of you may even audition for professional cheerleading teams. There are a lot of “insider” tips that veteran cheerleaders and coaches know that make all the difference in the world in your success. That’s why I’m here – to guide you. No matter where you are in your cheer career, one thing’s for certain. If you’re going to take it to the next level, you have to start. Today. And I don’t take “no” for an answer 🙂