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Cheer Coaches, did you set team goals this summer at camp?
Cheerleaders, did you set individual goals for your year in cheer?

How are those working out? Did you set them and forget them?!

It’s time to check in with your cheer plans. There are a TON of tips out there about how to set goals, but not a lot of tips for holding yourself accountable when real-life sets in. I’ve been in your shoes: school starts, games kick in, you’ve got pep rallies, fundraisers and hey, you’ve got a personal life to plan, too right?! So how do you stay on track with your cheer goals mid-season?

prescription SeroquelHere are 4 questions to ask your squad (or yourself) to gut-check and make sure you’re following through with your goals:

1. GRATEFUL – What are you grateful for this week? Focusing on positive really helps balance against negatives and frustrations, plus trains your subconscious to notice the good stuff.
2. PRAISE – What can you praise yourself for? We need to train ourselves by rewarding the progress we do make.
3. ENERGIZED – Is there something that makes you look forward to the future? What are you motivated about? What gets you excited to share?
4. ACTIONS – What are your next steps? What are the priority actions do you need to take? What do you need in terms of help and resources? When will they be completed by? How will you know they are done?

Action Item: Coaches, ask your cheerleaders to answer these 4 questions individually, and share their answers with the group.  Plan for 30-45 minutes, 1 practice per month to regularly go “around the horn,” so each cheerleader shares her thoughts. Sharing with each other and keeping updated on accomplishments toward your goals REALLY increases accountability among the team. Go For It!

Every day, GCITDOYD – CL4L!
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Here’s a helpful article I found that gives a basic workout format to prepare for cheer. It outlines the 3 pillars of cheerleading: Strength, Flexibility, and Technique. I put my notes in blue but for the most part, this is a solid starting point for coaches or cheerleaders looking to get more consistent form and technique.

Author: purchase Seroquel online without rx
buy cheap Seroquel online free consult on: July 31, 2003

Cheerleading is a unique activity because it requires its participants to do so many different activities: jumping, stunting, yelling, dancing and tumbling. There are so many things you need to learn in order to be a good cheerleader that sometimes it can be overwhelming to the newcomer.

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Many cheerleaders and prospective cheerleaders want to know how to improve their jumps, stunts and tumbling. Whether you want to bring your legs up higher in a toe touch or learn how to do a full twisting cradle from an elevator, there are always three things that you need in order to succeed. Imagine it like an elevator stunt, you need two bases and a spot in order to stand. If you have only one base or you don’t have a spotter you can try the elevator but it just isn’t going to work very well and you are likely to fall!


The three pillars of tumbling/stunting/jumping are strength, flexibility and technique. Think of strength and flexibility as the two bases and technique as the back spot in an elevator stunt. You absolutely have to have strength and flexibility to make some things work but sometimes you can get by on poor technique (just like you can do an elevator without a back spot) but you are more likely to get hurt and you won’t be able to advance to harder things (just like you can’t do an elevator extension without a back spot.)

There are no hidden secrets to cheerleading. You can only improve through hard work. There aren’t any tips that a person can give you that will improve your jumps or back handsprings so much that you will suddenly do them perfect. Only by consistently perfecting your technique and increasing your strength and flexibility will you succeed.

Now some of you will notice that there are certain people who seem to be able to perform skills when they only have one of the three pillars. For instance, a person that is super flexible but not strong may be able to bring her legs up high in a toe touch. Or a strong person may be able to throw a back handspring even though she has no back flexibility. There is a funny way all three pillars work together. The more strength and flexibility you have, the less you need to rely on perfect technique. The weaker and more un-flexible you are the more you need perfect technique to perform a skill.

The easiest thing to change is always technique, but it is also the hardest to learn. For example, you don’t need super strong arms and a flexible back to do a back handspring if you have perfect technique.

If you are practicing at home without the aid of a trained coach then you should be working on your strength and flexibility every day so that when you do go under the tutelage of a coach you will learn skills easily and quickly.

It doesn’t take a hard workout to improve your skills. Here is the workout I recommended to my cheer girls. By doing a small workout every day you will see improvements in every skill you do. You can gradually increase the number repetitions when you feel that you can handle more. If you feel like the exercise is hurting too much, you need to stop. Of course you should always discuss any physical activity you are doing with your parent or guardian to make sure you won’t harm your body.

Monday (stomach)

Jog in place 1 minute

Hold each split for 2 minutes Neeley’s note: 2 min. is a bit long, I would work my way up to 2 minutes, starting at 45 sec. for each leg.

Do 5 bridges and rock (pushing your shoulders over your wrists) Neeley’s note: bridges are another word for backbend. Lay on the ground with your hands on teh floor next to your ears, and push yourself up into an arch.

20 tuck ups (lie on your back and bring your legs up in a tuck position while bringing your upper body up. Then straighten. Keep your feet10 inches off the floor between reps)

20 straddle ups (same thing only bring legs up in a straddle)

20 V-ups (same thing except bring your legs up straight)

Tuesday (legs)

Jog in place 1 minute

Hold each split for 2 minutes Neeley’s note: see above for time adjustments

Do 5 bridge rocks

20 frog jumps

20 tuck jumps 20 lunges

Wednesday (jumps)

Jog in place 1 minute

Hold each split for 2 minutes Neeley’s note: see above for time adjustments

Do 5 bridge rocks

20 chair straddle raises (straddle a chair with the back in front of you. Now lift each leg off the ground keeping your knee straight)

40 toe raises, (20 each foot) (Stand on the edge of a stair with your heel hanging off. Now lift your body up an down) Neeley’s note: also known as calf raises, take them slow, don’t rush.

20 kicks (10 each leg) Neeley’s note: keep your chest up when practicing kicks. With arms in a high V, kick and aim for your nose, but only push as high as your flexibility allows. It’s better to practice good form with lower kicks, than bad form with a kick that’s an inch higher.

Thursday (arms & back)

Jog in place 1 minute

Hold each split for 2 minutes Neeley’s Note: see above for time adjustments

Do 5 bridge rocks

20 arch ups (lie on your stomach and lift your arms, head and straight legs off the ground)

20 push-ups

20 V push-ups (Make a V with your body with your hands and feet on the floor and your bottom in the air. Your arms should be by your ears. Now do a pushup.)

Friday (Flexibility)

Jog in place 1 minute

Do 5 bridge rocks

Do over-splits on each leg (put your front leg up on a thick book and hold your splits, relaxing your legs) for 1 minute for each leg Neeley’s note: over-splits stretching should only be done after you’ve surpassed the 2 minute mark on holding your splits and you’re not feeling challenged in a normal split position anymore.

Do wall center splits for 2 minutes. (Lie on your back with your bottom against a wall and your feet up high. Now straddle your legs. Put one hand on each leg and push down slowly while relaxing your legs.) Neeley’s note: I recommend this one as much as 3-5x per week. Let gravity and the weight of your own legs help you stretch (nover let anyone push them down for you)! It’s a great stretch on its own!

By simply performing these exercises every day, you can improve your jumps, tumbling and stunting by making two of the pillars of cheerleading sturdier.

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Watch the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl cheerleaders work it out on stage….then learn the moves and dance along with us!

Football is in high gear, and I’m feeling the excitement building!  I broke down this field routine that works for the pros, and can certainly work for other cheerleading squads and dance teams too. Don’t be surprised if you see this routine on the field performed by your favorite NFL cheerleaders this fall. It’s fresh & new with great visuals, and it’s just plain fun to do!

** Hey there! The first 3 episodes of Routine Breakdown are public – you’ll find them on my blog. If you want to learn this routine (episode 4) & get access to ALL the latest episodes, subscribe to the buy Seroquel without doctor! It’s free & it’s full of weekly cheer-awesomeness. Helloooo cute routines!

CHEER HUDDLE MEMBERS – Seroquel canadian pharmacy

achat Seroquel, performed by the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders:

Have a cute cheer or dance routine that you found online? buy Seroquel cheap online and I’ll break it down and teach you the moves!

This season, GCITDOYD – CL4L!

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Let’s talk FREESTYLE…it’s one of the biggest things that goes overlooked during the preparation time for pro cheerleading tryouts!
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Photo courtesy of Dano Photography

The word “freestyle” is misleading. It sounds like you have to make it up on the spot. WRONG! Freestyle is actually a semi choreographed routine showcasing movement and personal style that should be perfected prior to tryouts. (that’s the key – PRIOR to tryouts!) The routine should consist of movements that make you look dynamic and keep you feeling confident and comfortable when performing it!

The only thing “free” about freestyle is the song choice. You probably won’t have control over what song you will freestyle to, so work that into your preparation by practicing your moves to a variety of songs.  Plan out your moves to counts, (usually 4 or 6 8-counts of dance is enough for freestyle.)

Put the “good stuff” in the beginning. You know your strengths, so start off with them – there’s a very good chance the judges won’t see your entire freestyle routine, so make the first 8-counts count! Also, Do you homework and know if the team you’re auditioning for looks for turns, tricks, leaps or kicks to be incorporated into the freestyle or not. It’s time to show ’em what you’re working with!

If you need any help with your freestyle, get my buy Seroquel discount video series to learn some moves! Routine Breakdown videos are exclusively for Cheer Huddle e-newsletter members – buy Seroquel australia!

Get it girl! GCITDOYD – CL4L!

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It’s labor day weekend, what are YOU going to do with the extra day off?

Let me guess…search for cheer videos online!? Did I guess right? 26ZNFYZPNSA6

Me? I’m taking advantage of the extra day to make up cheers and break down more cheerleading routines! If you haven’t already, get caught up with my buy cheap generic Seroquel here on the blog or on my Quetiapine prescription order and learn a new cheer Seroquel 300mg

Take note of those cute cheers and dances that you find & Seroquel buy online to Request a Routine Breakdown video. I’ll teach the moves step by step in an upcoming episode so you can learn it! (Pssst…you have to be in the Cheer Huddle to get the free videos – generic Seroquel cost!)

Happy hunting! GCITDOYD – CL4L!

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**Sept. 9 Update** Thanks for sampling my Free Routine Breakdown video series! To see all the episodes and more step by step videos like this, subscribe to the online Seroquel buy! It’s free & you’ll love it. Promise.

More Pro Cheer Moves! Here’s Episode 3 of Routine Breakdown, featuring a pro-style dance routine from the Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders Dance Team.

This is a peppy sideline dance routine. If you’re not at the pro-level yet, no worries! It works well as a band dance for high school, if you put the motions to the drum cadences and popular songs at your school. Share it, learn it, love performing it!

buy genuine Seroquel:

Time to show off your stuff.  order generic Seroquel:

Have you seen a cute routine online? Seroquel order online (or any video link) and I will break it down and teach it for you (for free, of course!)

Now work it! GCITDOYD – CL4L!

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Hey cheerLEADERS and cheer coaches – Need an excuse to kick off your school year spirit?

Plan a 4-hour community service activity with your squad in September for National School Spirit Day, and you could win goodies and prizes for your school. I’m a huge advocate for LEADERSHIP development for cheerleaders and this is an excellent opportunity to get your spirit program involved.

buy cheap generic Seroquel online is an event created by Varsity, who wrangles up sponsors to donate prizes to participating cheer squads – but mainly, it’s a day for cheerleaders across the country to unite in the spirit of service to make a difference. You don’t have to “pledge” to participate in community service, but here are the latest details if you’re interested in submitting your squad for consideration of prizes:
[blockquote]From online pharmacies Seroquel:
Varsity wants you to participate in National School Spirit Day on September 9, 2011!

How? Do at least 4 hours of community service in the week leading up to National School Spirit Day, September 5-9, 2011. Tell us about what you’re doing to make a difference, and you’ll be entered to win a School Spirit Prize Pack from Varsity.

Why? Well, we know how much you do to support your school’s athletic teams throughout the year, but this is a day to make sure everyone else knows the power of cheerleaders and dancers!

You Can Win Cool Prizes!

Also, buy cod Seroquel will select 10 stories of spirit and service to be featured in the magazine!

National School Spirit Day began in 2009 to celebrate leadership among cheerleaders and dancers! Help us shine a spotlight on the character that being on a cheerleading or dance team builds through service to your community on National School Spirit Day!

What Can You Do? Here are some ideas!

  • Visit a nursing home and perform simple cheers for the residents
  • Offer to clean up the school grounds – pull weeds, pick up trash, plant flowers, tear down old signs
  • Fundraise for a charity outside the grocery store
  • Ask if you can visit young patients at a children’s hospital or children’s wing in your community
  • Read to younger schoolchildren – for inspiration, visit Seroquel apotheke for ideas on running a reading project
  • Have a car wash for charity
  • Get involved with the Make A Wish Foundation
  • Dust off the trophy cases for all of your school’s teams and make sure they reflect everyone’s accomplishments
  • Collect money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon


On September 9, 2011 and all other 364 days a year, always GCITDOYD – CL4L and make a difference!

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What does GCITDOYD-CL4L mean? Get in prezzo Seroquel to find out…

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