Got the Back to School Blues? Motivation for Cheer Coaches

Practical Tips to Get Yourself Up and Going

cheer coach, coach cheerleading, glee, sue sylvester, cheerleading coachIt’s back to school time, and the feeling of excitement for the year ahead can quickly turn into anxiety for all the practices, games, parent meetings, fundraisers and school events you’ll have this season. Try these tips to get yourself motivated and make the most of the Back to School “rush”.

Kick the habit of procrastination –  Summer is officially over. It’s time to get cracking. Get your calendars set through Oct/November and coordinate your practice plans for the routines you’ll need to prepare each week. Kick that procrastination guilt that saps the energy out of your body. Action toward the goal and having practice plans in place will let you take a few “to-do’s” off your plate and free up some much-needed brain bandwidth.

Push yourself – You’re a coach, after all. Give yourself a dose of your own medicine to get ahead. If you think you can do a task in one hour, try to finish it in 30 minutes. Add more outputs every day. Make yourself extra productive in these first few weeks of school.

Envision the completion of the task – It’s the 4th quarter of homecoming game, your spirit week went off without a hitch, your cheerleaders nailed their halftime performance, the team is winning, the seniors are shedding a few happy tears and your squad is taking pictures to savor the memories of the night. Creating mental images of finished tasks can help a great deal in motivating you to get on with it. Think of the sense of pride in being able to accomplish something amazing with your squad and create those special moments that coaching cheerleading is made of. The more you think of the benefits, the less tedious the preparation becomes.

Remember Coaches, you should always GCITDOYD – CL4L!




What does GCITDOYD-CL4L mean? Get in The Cheer Huddle to find out…

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